From our hearts to your trays, our focus is to bring you our special chicken recipes prepared from scratch using quality ingredients and lots and lots of love. come over anytime and be a part of our family.

Lauren’s is awesome. Food was super tasty and delivered on time and well packaged and reasonably priced. Def ordering from here a lot more.
— Hersh

LAUREN’S Chicken

A new fast casual Korean spot in Gramercy Park, NYC that specializes in Chicken wings, platters and other Korean foods. We’re trying to set new perspectives on what “fast casual” can be. We are two dads always figuring out how “fast” made dishes can taste great and also be healthy for our children. What was meant to be quick, fun, delicious and healthy options at home just got extended to everybody and we’re happy about it.

LAUREN’S CHICKEN New York City Location _ Gramercy Park 

160 East 23rd St. New York, NY 10010

(212)960.3838 laurenschickenny@gmail.com


LAUREN’S CHICKEN New Jersey Location _ Coming Soon~ 


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